Maybe the problem’s not your diet. Maybe it’s your body. Your metabolism.

You can’t lose weight. Diets don’t work.  No matter how little you eat, the pounds stay. You’re fatigued, depressed.

Well, it’s a fact  – if your metabolism is out of balance losing weight and keeping it off is impossible.

Fix your metabolism first. That’s the Amari Medical approach to weight loss. We start with what’s happening inside your body.

We correct your metabolism and other imbalances in your body

  • natural
  • non-invasive
  • physician-supervised

Then we design a diet and nutrition plan personalized for you. No pre-packaged foods. You buy your groceries, cook meals in your kitchen.

That’s a weight loss program that works. The Amari Medical success rate is far higher than the national average.

*Note: your results may vary depending on your unique medical status and assessment.